27 February 2015

Hi, my name is Rebekah and it has been two weeks since my last post..

whoops! Sorry bout that guys- I'm legit having a mad case of writer's block, winter laziness and kind of being M.I.A.

But I'm alive- have no fear.

Prague was AH-MAZING!! I swear I will do a post (or two) about it next week. I love learning about history and Prague is full of it. I can tell you one thing, Czech food not my jam, I gave it multiple tries but no bueno. Beer in Prague though is better than water- and almost as cheap.

My second nephew has finally arrived!! Oliver Mason was born last Sunday, and I'm proud to say I was there for the whole arrival. I came back last Thursday, the 19th (also his due date)- landed around 9 pm dead on my feet, had a wonderful 9+ hour flight back that was mostly turbulence, plus I was literally in the last row of the plane. Got a call from my sis early Friday asking me to come over because when my first nephew was born I had come over to hang out with her and keep her company and then she went into labor (on his due date). So she was hoping I was a good luck charm and it would happen again. But it didn't. I stayed for the day, got hit hard by jet-lag around 7 and ended up staying over. Still no baby. I went home on Saturday and caught up on some tv (btw I actually did a pretty good job with Oscar nominees this year thanks to my flights) and then got hit hard again by jet-lag at 7. Thanks jet-lag, you rock! Anyways woke up on Sunday bright and early to 4 missed calls and message that said my water broke!! Packed a quick bag and went straight to the hospital where I spent my entire Sunday and then welcomed the arrival of the sweet little munchkin. good times.

Totally still enjoying and loving this ClassPass that I signed up for. Managed to fit in another 3 classes this week, plus I feel good about exercising, yada yada, and it is keeping me well hydrated. Ever taken Bikram Yoga before? I practiced back in the day and with the pass now can studio hop but man you sweat a lot. Actually I was having a whole conversation with my sister yesterday about how I think I'm a pretty sweaty person during the summer months but in Bikram you really learn who sweats a lot. Some of the men have legit puddles by the end of class. It's grossly interesting.

Has anyone tried any of the Ben & Jerry Core ice cream flavors? I've tried a few with my sister, the Hazed and Confused and Salted Caramel- both delicious, and on Wednesday I found a cookie one (which isn't on their website but is definitely a core, weird). Either way- I haven't actually opened it yet just because I fear I might eat it all in one sitting. Wish me luck!

Been reading a ton, already on book #22 of the year- and keeping track! Just finished Me Before You, I don't think I've ever cried so hard from any other book. It was super fantastic, definitely want to check out some of the author's (Jojo Moyes) other works. Also read the Elizabeth Smart book, was crazy interested in the case at the time and when they found her, very interesting to read her story and perspective on the whole ordeal. Now reading The 100, which I plan on watching after I finish Lost. So many books and so little time!

Hope everyone is doing well and that you all have a fabulous weekend!! I'm going to snuggle my monkey nephews and then I'm going to see Book Of Mormon with my friends- huzzah!

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  1. Oh my goodness! The Salted Carmel Core is my absolute weakness however, I am also enjoying the new Jimmy Fallon flavor, "The Tonight Dough"! Have a great weekend and enjoy your ice cream!



  2. Congrats on your newest nephew!! Prague sounds fabulous!

  3. Me Before You is AMAZING... omg I cried SO MUCH throughout that whole book!

  4. ooh I haven't tried that one yet.. mostly bc I haven't found it in a store! It is on my list though. Hazed and Confused is way my jam- the hazelnut core is like eating delicious frozen nutella. yum!!

  5. thank you! he is super sweet, so far.

  6. yes! I was not expecting to cry as hard as I did, it was very well written and moving. Already see rumors for casting the movie version of it now...

  7. AH you're killing me with that BJ's pint! I haven't had ice cream in forever since it's been chilly and anything Ben & Jerry's is my jam. I might just have to splurge on some this week.

  8. Congrats on your new nephew! I loved Me Before You...it was definitely a tear-jerker! I would love to see it come out in a movie.

  9. the cookie core was probably the best thing I've ever had. It was cold outside and I still gave in...

  10. Thanks! Super delayed on these replies- he's already a month old! Crazy! And I'm pretty sure Me Before You is in the works to be a movie, am interested to see who they will cast!