About Me

Hello new friends! My name is Rebekah- I live in NYC, a great big jungle and it's always an adventure.

 I love to laugh, sing, dance- this postcard is one of the best I've ever found-sums it all up pretty well.

I have two delicious, snuggly cats- both old ladies. Sadie (gray and white) is 12 and Phoenix (dark gray) is 13! Both have been with my family since they were kittens and came to live with me here in NYC about two years ago.

I grew up in the Sunshine State and spent a lot of time at Disney World- a favorite place of mine! I have two wonderful older sisters, one of which I run a company with- Sitter Select, in Philadelphia.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog- it's going to be a mish-mash of all things in my life.

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  1. Well hellooooo fellow NYC nanny! Fun to meet another like me :)

  2. It is very rare that I find another Rebekah spelled the same way! I love your blog. Following along :)