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10 April 2015

can I get a what what?

Hooray! It's Friday!! That  means that a) it's my last day in San Diego and b) I will finally be home tomorrow!! Can't say I've been sorry about the weather though, I actually wore shorts a few times and it was glorious to see my legs again!

San Diego has been a lot of fun, the kids loved it, I've loved it and there is so so much to see. We hit Sea World, The San Diego Zoo Safari, Balboa Park- which is filled with a bunch of mini-museums, the USS Midway Carrier, Legoland, Old Town San Diego, the world famous San Diego zoo and so much more. Even better, this place is filled with delicious craft brews, and I've had a great time on my nights off testing them out.

Did you see that I had "lunch" with Llinos from The Lilac Linnet? It's her new weekly lunch series and was so much fun to participate in. stop by and check it out! 

One of the best parts about San Diego was getting to see some old friends!! My friend Nikki and her husband drove down with their son last Saturday to spend time with me at the Zoo Safari Park and for a bit at Balboa. I've known and been good friends with Nikki since 3rd Grade, but I never see her anymore bc she was living in Montana and now in California. I hadn't seen her in almost 4 years! It was wonderful to catch up and meet her adorable son, plus Big J and Little J got along great with him and it was nice to see them all be buddies! 

and I got to see a friend from college and meet her husband. They live in Coronado where the beaches are literally gold, or at least they look like a glittery world of love. They took me to see some local sites, introduced me to the California burrito (amazing- it has french fries inside) and some delicious local beers. 

I'm so excited to get home and put the finishing touches on my bed- while I was away the matching sheets and shams arrived! and hopefully my essential oils too- excited to try some things out!!

to the good stuff now- the friday link-up! oh hot damn, this my jam is still chugging along and I'd love to see you all link-up. Add your favorite song to your friday post and link-up below! 

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Happy Friday!!

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  1. Sound like an amazing trip!! I went to SD once when I was a kid.. I muuuuust go back one day!!!

  2. Glad you had a wonderful week! There's nothing quite like home though, even when you're having a blast in the California sunshine!

  3. Yes! The rumors of the place held out- I was very impressed, and ready to go back. There are still so many things to do, and I didn't really have any sort of "beach" day!

  4. I agree- although the sunshine was nice. Just happy to seemed to follow us back!